Clive Staples

Fly boy.


Clive Staples does not write best-selling novels.


  1. I can probably put it back together…
  2. I’m not backing down!
  3. WPSS Member
  4. I can do more pushups than you
  5. The Computer Said So
  6. 100110011110
  7. I remember most of this…
  8. Uhh… I knew that would work!
  9. Rotating Tiger Claw
  10. It’s a Trap!


Superb (+5)

  • Engineering

Great (+4)

  • Athletics
  • Fists

Good (+3)

  • Pilot
  • Might
  • Resolve

Fair (+2)

  • Academics
  • Awareness
  • Endurance
  • Guns

Average (+1)

  • Intimidate
  • Art craft
  • Science
  • Survival
  • Drive


  • Mister Fixit
  • Personal Aircraft
  • Prototype Aircraft
  • Martial Arts
  • Grease Monkey


The Wicked Duchess

Description: Prototype plan designed as a mobile base.

  • Upgrade: Sonar Navigation: Equipped with the Sentient Abacus to navigate… sort of. Basically sonar.
  • Upgrade: Gyro Stabilized Astro Battery: Experimental stealth. Somewhat unreliable.
  • Upgrade: Defensive Turrets: 360° range of turrets. Can be operated by the Sentient Abacus… sort of.

Clive Staples!

Beefy mechanic!

Phase One: Background

Clive Staples was raised in a typical country home. Despite his humble upbringing and uneducated parents, Clive always wanted to learn more about the world around him, and often disassembled items at random. He was bullied at school, but always fought back.

Phase One Aspects

  • I can probably put it back together…
  • I’m not backing down!

Phase Two: The Great War

Patron: Sargon Stoffel, member of German secret society, arrested.

Sargon Stoffel was a member of a German secret society, set to stop the Great War. He was arrested by the German Secret Police and never heard from again. Sargon met Clive while he was at boot camp, training for the war. He brought Clive into his circle in the WPSS. When Sargon was arrested, Clive left the military to devote himself to the society.

Phase Two Aspects:

  • WPSS Member
  • I can do more pushups than you

Phase Three: Clive Staples and the Sentient Abacus

Guest Stars: Arya Inquest,

Clive attempts to stop the German secret project, codename Abacus. The Abacus turns out to be a supercomputer project. Clive and his group infiltrate the base and stop the project. Clive manages to relocate and reprogram (with help) the Abacus. Clive communicates with it, but it can be… unreliable.

Phase Three Aspects:

  • The Computer Said So
  • 100110011110

Phase Four: Other Adventures…

Guest Starring in: The Wicked Duchess – The Ciscan Plan

In the midst of the mission, the group discovers that the aeroship was near completion. Clive accidentally sets the base to self-destruct. Clive helps patch the ship together so that Hercule can pilot the ship to safety… sort of.

Phase Four Aspects:

  • I remember most of this…
  • Uhh… I knew that would work!

Phase Five: Other Adventures…

Guest Starring in: Arya Inquest in Oriental Outrage

Sent there by his circle to investigate a chapterhouse, Clive signs up for a year in a Chinese monastery to learn martial arts. He is approached by Arya Inquest to aid her in raiding an ancient Chinese ruin. Thanks to his training, and help from Sam Lynch, Arya succeeds.

Phase Five Aspects:

  • Rotating Tiger Claw
  • It’s a Trap!

Clive Staples

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