Sam Lynch

Officer in the US Army Hidden Battalion


A tough and savvy Operator, Sam combines his knowledge of military tactics with his experience hiding his identity to help plan, then execute, missions with the Century Club.


  1. Short Fuse
  2. Son of Chuck Lynch
  3. Hidden Battalion Veteran
  4. Whatever it Takes
  5. Injustice is Intolerable
  6. Unreliable Luck
  7. Nobody Touches Arya
  8. Insensitive Jerk
  9. ?
  10. ?


Superb (+5)

Great (+4)

Good (+3)

Fair (+2)

Average (+1)


  • stunt
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Sam Lynch’s Biography

A guy who does a thing…

Phase One: Background

Sam’s father, Charles Lynch, put on the air of the perfect family with a wife, two sons, and a dog, in order to land a spot as a US Senator, but this was a lie. Sam not only had to protect his brother from abuse but also had to hide it, both for his mother’s mental health and his father’s career.

Phase One Aspects

  • Short Fuse
  • Son of Chuck Lynch

Phase Two: The Great War

Patron: Jefferson Saint, U.S. Army Hidden Battalion, MIA

Having gained a knack for disguises, Sam had no trouble entering the War. At the French / German border, he ran scout missions using his blending skills until Saint spotted him, then recruited him for more important work behind enemy lines. Sam lost Saint in their final mission together.

Phase Two Aspects:

  • Hidden Battalion Veteran
  • Whatever it Takes

Phase Three: Sam Lynch and the Ministers of Despair

Guest Stars: Arya Inquest, Hercule St. Martin

A search for his lost mentor, Jefferson Saint, leads Sam to a new assignment from the Hidden Battalion: infiltrate the secretive Ministry of Despair and uncover their plot to sink the world into misery. As he ascends the ranks, their true purpose is revealed: demoralize and conquer!

Phase Three Aspects:

  • Injustice is Intolerable
  • Unreliable Luck

Phase Four: Other Adventures…

Guest Starring in: Arya Inquest in Oriental Outrage

As assigned by the Hidden Battalion, Sam accompanies Arya Inquest to the Orient. When the ninjas threaten, Sam misleads them with a false communique that their sensei has been dishonored.

Phase Four Aspects:

  • Nobody Touches Arya
  • Insensitive Jerk

Phase Five: Other Adventures…

Guest Starring in: otherNovel

Stuff happens.

Phase Five Aspects:

  • Aspect
  • Aspect

Sam Lynch

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